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THEATER project, co-financed by KA2 Action of Erasmus + Program of European Commission


The European Youth Event is organised each 2 years by the European Parliament in Strasbourg (France). It aims at bringing together young people (16-30 years old), discussing, sharing and shaping ideas about the future of the EU. Its leitmotiv is committing young people, in a spirit of social inclusion and equality, so that participants can co-create the event.

The EYE 2020, that will take place on May 29-30 and will mostly focus on the topics of environment, education, artificial intelligence and Brexit. The event consist in different activities, like debates, workshops and artistic performances. It is a great opportunities for young people and organisations to widen horizons, meeting new people and getting involved in an experience of participative democracy. 

EYNCRIN will take part in the  European Youth Event 2020 with a group of 20 young people.

EYNCRIN is represented at the Fundamental Rights Forum at the EU Agency of Fundamental Rights.
Fundamental Rights Forum: connect.reflect.act,  Vienna, 20-23 June 2016

#ASK project, co-financed by KA3 Action of Erasmus + Program of European Commission


EYNCRIN was represented at the Fundamental Rights Forum: connect.reflect.act,  Vienna, 20-23 June 2016

The European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights convenes a Fundamental Rights Forum under the motto "Rights, Respect, Reality: the Europe of Values in Today's World" in order to:
- Connect: The Forum connects practitioners, grassroots workers, thinkers and high-level decision makers in an inclusive and open platform.
- Reflect: The Forum looks at existing challenges and good practices as well as future challenges and opportunities. We provide space to enable dynamic and respectful dialogue, and knowledge sharing where different views can stimulate innovative ways forward.
- Act: The Forum aims at having a tangible impact for the benefit of everyone in the EU. We encourage actors to apply the knowledge and ideas gained, and work together to strengthen fundamental rights for all.

In October 2016, During DARE`s General Assembly in Rome, the EYNCRIN was accepted as a full member of the Democracy and Human Rights Education in Europe Network, DARE.

creative youth in Action







  • Creative Youth Enterpreneursip (CYE)
  • Creative Problem Solving (CPS)
  • Creative Education and Training (CET)
  • Innovative Youth Work Tools (IYWT)

Making VET interesting, exciting and inventive. 


Helping youth to realise their potential and to share the benefits of growth and increased prosperity.

  • Personal Development for Growth (PDG)
  • Inclusive Growth of Youth with Fewer Opportunities (IGOYFO)
  • Development of Youth Leadership (DYL)
  • Creative Youth Coaching (CYC)


Promoting and stimulating creative leadership development  among young people

our programs

forever young (learner):  education as a lifelong process


We invest in development and implementation of innovative youth work and lifelong learning programs, seeking to boost the capacity of young people to invent inclusive approaches to their own education and employment. 

Interested to become part of an exciting international network of organizationals and individuals, devoted to boost youth creativity and promote innovation in youth work, education and employment?

Joins us and get an unique opportunity for personal development and professional growth.

Locally, nationally and internationally, EYNCRIN is dedicated to invoke and develop the creative and innovative potential of all young people, embracing an inclusive approach and promoting inclusive growth for prosperous communities.

Our projects seek to establish cross-sectoral synergies, looking at inter-disciplinary approaches and creative problem solving. Innovative practices, based on creative ideas seek to develop inventive methods in education, arts, leadership and business.

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Youth on the Move is a comprehensive package of policy initiatives on education and employment for young people in Europe. 

Launched in 2010, it is part of the Europe 2020 strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, Youth on the Move aims to improve young people’s education, to reduce high youth unemployment rate in European Union.