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Highlights: Youth Work during 

the post-Pandemic crisis

Youth work, just as every other sector in our societies, is facing challenges in the post-pandemic situation of global crisis. Even before the onset of the pandemic and the war, started in February 2022, the social and economic integration of young people was an ongoing challenge. In addition, the Russian Invasion of Ukraine Impedes Post-Pandemic Economic Recovery in Emerging Europe and Central Asia.

Now, unless urgent action is taken, young people are likely to suffer severe and long-lasting impacts. The CoVID19 Pandemic showed that social and economic inequalities are widening and this is disproportionally affecting the young people, especially those from minorities, migrant and refugee status; those with special needs or facing social disadvantages.

A number of European studies found the impact of the crisis on young people to be systematic, deep and disproportionate. It has been particularly hard on young women, younger youth and youth in rural areas and lower-income countries. Young people are concerned about the future and their place within it.

We still need need to keep learning and further assessing how the crisis influences the youth organisations in terms of regular youth work activities undertaken in youth clubs, youth centres and other youth spaces; how they handle their budgetary matters in the contexts of the emerging economic crisis and how their maintain the youth outreach in the context of the public health crisis.

While many youth organizations have already  embraced a wide range of the digital tools and instruments; or even developed new ones in order to address the specific needs of their young people, other still feel that they luck competences and proper equipment in order to deliver a quality digital youth work activities.

European societies are now at high risk of undermining stability and social cohesion if they allow the current difficult circumstances to create a “lost generation” of disillusioned and disengaged young people. Adequately supporting young people today, including through the provision of quality digital youth work, is an important investment Europe has to make for its present and for the future.

The Survey Results of The Partnership between the Council of Europe and the European Commission in the field of youth called "Effects of Covid-19 across youth work and youth activities" points out that now the European states and youth policy makers need to:

  • offer a general overview of the challenges facing youth organisations within the context of the pandemic;  
  • present existing practices of youth work services delivery and of the activities that youth NGOs had to adapt and of the online tools being used;
  • identify the financial and other support measures local and national authorities put in place to support youth organisations;
  • map the youth NGOs’ uncovered needs in order to respond to young people’s needs and interests;
  • devise a set of messages for relevant stakeholders to further support the development of the youth sector. 

Are you passionate about youth work boosting youth creativity, critical thinking, digital and information literacy and leadership? Feeling motivated to teamwork in a European youth network on enhancing diversity and contributing to equality, intercultural dialogue,  democratic citizenship and the upholding of the values of human rights?

EYNCRIN is your network. Joins us now.

We seek to deliver youth work that creates an enabling environment that is actively inclusive and socially engaging, creative and safe, fun and serious, playful and planned. A youth work that is accessible, open and flexible. A youth work that promotes dialogue between young people and the rest of society and build bridges to support transition to adulthood and autonomy..

Our projects seek to develop youth work and support young people from across Europe. They work to establish partnership and co-operation between youth organizations in Europe on one hand and between youth work and other sectors, producing a wide range of positive outcomes for individuals, their communities and for society in general - on the other..

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