EYNCRIN aims at creating an innovative and inclusive environment for young people to meet their needs and encourage their creative expression. 
We seek to promote innovative approaches implemented by and for young people at all levels of public life, including education and information, the arts, media, business and civic activity.


EYNCRIN seeks to deliver European and local youth work, which creates an enabling environment that is actively inclusive and socially engaging, creative and safe, fun and serious, playful and planned. A youth work that is accessible, open and flexible. A youth work that promotes dialogue between young people and the rest of society and build bridges to support transition to adulthood and autonomy.


No need is too small and no voice is too quiet to be heard. ​We believe that every young person should have the opportunity to realise their potential whatever their life circumstances.

We devote our efforts to educate, advocate and stimulate creativity and innovation among young people.; to empower and support European youth to improve their life opportunities for a better future.



EYNCRIN is helping young people's personal and social development - to achieve their full potential and develop important life skills through non-formal educational, expressive, participative and empowering activities. Engaging European young people in developing inclusive, democratic and peaceful societies.



Our organizational members deliver outreach youth work as a form of specialised youth work, aiming to reach young people that are outside education or working life or those that suffer marginalization in work in education and need support to get the services they need in order to strengthen their preparedness to move forward in life. The outreach youth work we deliver is strengthening the capacity of the generic youth work we deliver to respond to the changes and trends in our societies and the emerging challenges faced by young people in Europe. 


Within the field of non-formal education in the youth sector, we provide a variety of support methods and strategies to young people and local youth organizations in order to ensure active youth participation, quality standards, recognition, and even health and safety. ​Our Centers for Creative Learning and Innovative VET stimulate both creative teaching and creative learning, also providing personal coaching and mentorship.


On one hand, the EYNCRIN studies on the different forms of youth work and their value, impact and merit. On the other, the EYNCRIN promotes and develops research on the opportunities to boost child and youth creative power for growth.


EYNCRIN develops and maintains a database, providing ​access to youth work knowledge and resources at European, national, regional and local levels. EYNCRIN grows to developing more than 100 original creative tools for youth and civil work that can be used for various groups of young people across Europe.


EYNCRIN grows to more than 33,500 members in 27 countries in Europe. The Network provides further support for exchange of youth work practices, peer learning and the creation of sustainable partnerships. We stimulate cooperation within the youth sector and among sectors and fields of expertise wherever youth work takes place in order to reinforce ties, in particular between formal education and youth work and between public authorities, the private sector and civil society. EYNCRIN seeks to strengthen the dialogue between youth work, youth policy and youth research.