RESEARCH - EYNCRIN has developed a Center for Research on Child and Youth Creativiry that studies on the opportunities to boost child and youth creative power for growth.

RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT - EYNCRIN grows to developing more than 100 youth-friendly creative tools for youth and civil work that can be used for various groups of young beneficieries accross Europe.

COACHING, EDUCATION AND TRAINING  - Our Centers for Creative Learning and Innovative VET stimulate both creative teaching and creative learning, also providing personal coaching, in cooperation with the EYNCRIN Creative Youth Leadership Academy. 

OUTREACH  - Community outreach, with a particular attention to the young people from minority, migrant origin, those living in ghettos or remote areas is an essential part of the local and national activities of the EYNCRIN members.  

NETWORKING  -  EYNCRIN grows to more than 33,500 members in 27 countries in Europe.


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Our  new program in Innovative Vocational Education and Training recently got the attention of national media. Learn more about this page-turner.

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Creative problem-solving usually begins with defining the problem. This may lead to a simple non-creative solution, or to finding a "textbook solution". The creative problem-solving process may also lead to the discovery of prior art and of creative solutions by others.

If a creative solution has broad use, it may be referred to as an innovative solution or an innovation. 

"All innovations begin as creative solutions, but not all creative solutions become innovations."

—Richard Fobes


mission & vision

No need is too small and no voice is too quiet to be heard. We will devote the time and energy necessary to educate, advocate and stimulate creativity and innovation among young people.


​​European Youth Network for Creativity and Innovation

creative enterprices

More than 7,500 young  people in Europe have started their EYNCRIN creative enterprises and make the difference in the lives of thousands. Find out how to become part of the program.