EYNCRIN seeks to deliver European and local youth work, which creates an enabling environment that is actively inclusive and socially engaging, creative and safe, fun and serious, playful and planned. A youth work that is accessible, open and flexible. A youth work that promotes dialogue between young people and the rest of society and build bridges to support transition to adulthood and autonomy.


  • Creating an innovative and inclusive environment for young people to meet their needs and encourage their creative expression.
  • Promoting innovative approaches implemented by and for young people at all levels of public life, including education and information, the arts, media, business and civic activity.
  • Encouraging youth art and youth social entrepreneurship.
  • Promoting youth social activity and creativity to create innovative models of intercultural communication and social communication.
  • Sensitization of society on the problems of young people in disadvantaged and developing innovative programs to address their needs and their social inclusion.
  • Building a sustainable model for partnership between youth groups, civic organizations, local authorities and businesses to implement successful models for promoting youth creativity and innovation in Europe and at the local communities.