Defining youth work and youth work beneficiaries 

The age range of those who benefit from youth work provision should reflect the legal and constitutional framework and existing practices in each of the EYNCRIN member organization states. In most our member organizations, youth is defined to be young people age 16-25.

Youth work is a broad term covering a wide variety of activities of a social, cultural, educational, environmental and/or political nature by, with and for young people, in groups or individually.

The Council of Europe`s 2017 Recommendatiöns on Youth Work, youth work is defined as follows:

"Youth work is delivered by paid and volunteer youth workers and is based on non-formal and informal learning processes focused on young people and on voluntary participation. Youth work is quintessentially a social practice, working with young people and the societies in which they live, facilitating young people’s active participation and inclusion in their communities and in decision making. Despite different traditions and definitions, there is a common understanding that the primary function of youth work is to motivate and support young people to find and pursue constructive pathways in life, thus contributing to their personal and social development and to society at large. Youth work achieves this by empowering and engaging young people in the active creation, preparation, delivery and evaluation of initiatives and activities that reflect their needs, interests, ideas and experiences. Through this process of non-formal and informal learning, young people gain the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes they need in order to move forward with confidence."


No need is too small and no voice is too quiet to be heard. We will devote the time and energy necessary to educate, advocate and stimulate creativity and innovation among young people in Europe.


We seek to deliver youth work that creates an enabling environment that is actively inclusive and socially engaging, creative and safe, fun and serious, playful and planned.

A youth work that is accessible, open and flexible.

A youth work that promotes dialogue between young people and the rest of society and build bridges to support transition to adulthood and autonomy.

The aim of the "European Youth Network for creativity and innovation" is:

  • Development of creative thinking and innovative approach among young people in Europe. Creating an innovative environment for young people to meet their needs and encourage their creative expression.

In pursuance of its main objectives "European Youth Network for creativity and innovation" activities are focused on:

  • Developing a European structure of local groups and organizations working on the problems of youth creativity and innovation.
  • Promoting innovative approaches implemented by and for young people at all levels of public life, including education and information, the arts, media, business and civic activity.
  • Encouraging youth art and youth entrepreneurship.
  • Promoting child and youth social activity and creativity to create innovative models of intercultural communication and social communication.
  • Develop and implement creative educational programs and innovative training courses to foster European citizenship and democratic values in young people.
  • Sensitization of society on the problems of young people in disadvantaged and developing innovative programs to address their needs and their social inclusion.
  • Creating a sustainable model for partnership between youth groups, civic organizations, local authorities, state institutions and businesses to implement successful models for promoting youth creativity and innovation in Europe and at the local communities.