We all know the power of one. But to effect real, lasting, fundamental change, you need others.

By joining with young people equally committed to progressive social change, EYNCRIN leverages power, giving, and influence.

Draw from and contribute to our collective well of wisdom, support and inspiration.

Together we can combine our skills and resources and gain strength as peers, while we share the lessons, challenges and rewards of our work.

Join us! Become part of a larger force for change!

By becoming a member of EYNCRIN, you are stating that you recognize that only by joining together will we achieve our vision of making Europe a place in which all children and young people are loved, valued and able to fulfill their potential.

Membership of the EYNCRIN demonstrates your commitment to helping us make a difference in the field of youth work as a tool to promote  and stimulate young people`s creativity and innovation for a better  access to education and employment.

Benefits of membership

  • European Youth Networking Opportunities

EYNCRIN facilitates an active and regular collaboration between members of our NGO Network members and partner organization, in cooperation with our Individual Experts network as appropriate. An important part of the EYNCRIN Network is the bi-annual all-members General Assembly that provides a forum for all EYNCRIN member organizations to evaluate the work of the Network; present past and future projects, discuss developments and new trends in their focus areas and explore new areas for collaboration.

  • Access to information and training 

EYNCRIN members administers a variety of training and capacity building programs, funded by the European Commission, International development agencies such as USAID, the IFC and the World Bank. We anticipate that there will be opportunities for institutional partnerships based on such projects. We believe that EYNCRIN members would be an invaluable resource in crafting proposals and effectively carrying out programs.

  • Learning Opportunities 

Our donors offer a limited number of scholarships to attend different highly rated European training programs held in various locations in Europe and the Mediterranean. Active EYNCRIN members will be given priority for these scholarships.

  •   Professional growth in the EYNCRIN Working Groups

​​Take part in an EYNCRIN WG, working with problems of your field of expertise and share information with professionals and experts from those fields. EYNCRIN ‘s involvement in facilitating those profiled working groups leads to a synergetic interaction with and among member organizations; expected outcomes of EYNCRIN ‘s involvement can be defined; the Secretariat receives, or has access to, unique information, in particular field-based information and perspectives. 

  •  Information-sharing

One of EYNCRIN‘s key functions is to share timely and accurate information on educational events, campaigns and trainings, humanitarian affairs with, and among, its members to better enable them to take informed decisions with regards to their operations and/or advocacy. EYNCRIN ‘s information tools are well-known: a website www.eyncrin.net with members’ only section; an electronic newsletter, EYNCRIN-RC; meeting reports; and regular notes for the file or updates. 

  • Access to member-only database

EYNCRIN maintains a dynamic database with a number of research papers and presentations, related to youth CRIN issues. It also builds an EYNCRIN Pool of Established Scholars and Experts on European partnership for promotion youth creativity for inclusive growth that members can contact, consult and invite for their training events, international seminars, research projects. 

  •  Access and NGO representation to forums where NGO participation is limited

Various governmental and intergovernmental forums and decisions-making bodies are often not entirely open to NGOs, or there are limits imposed on NGO participation. In fact, some humanitarian bodies, such as the Fundamental Rights Agency`s EU NGO Network and Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC) or UNHCR’s Executive Committee, require that NGOs consolidate their input so members can use the EYNCRIN as a vehicle or channel for their NGO views and ideas for change in Europe.

  • Advocacy

​​With the adoption of EYNCRIN ‘s Mission Statement in 2012 at the EYNCRIN General Assembly, the membership decided to give the EYNCRIN a particular role in the field of advocacy for more adequate European and national policies boosting youth creativity and supporting youth innovation. Earlier in 2012, the Executive Committee adopted a policy, which formulates the criteria for EYNCRIN ‘s advocacy activities. EYNCRIN ‘s involvement is expected to bring an added value  to those activities in the sense that no one single agency can individually achieve similar results, compared to those of a large pan-European network.