Applicants for membership shall complete the prescribed application forms and provide such additional information as may be requested by the Membership Committee.

Such information shall remain confidential except for the minimum information which is required to be entered on the EYNCRIN Register of members or published in any Directory of EYNCRIN members.
Applicants to membership shall agree to be bound by the EYNCRIN`s Articles of Association and these Rules and to abide by a Code of Conduct or similar which is adopted by EYNCRIN.
Applications shall be considered promptly by the EYNCRIN`s Membership Committee which may by unanimous vote accept or reject an applicant. If a decision is not unanimous the question shall be referred to the Executive Board for a decision.  The Membership Committee may request additional information from the applicant or seek community references before making a decision.
Applications shall be acknowledged promptly and decisions advised to the applicant without delay.
Benefits of membership shall not be awarded until the fees due have been paid.

             Membership Application Forms

- Full Member: “National Coordinator”, “Regional Coordinator”

Download the Application Form for  “National Coordinator” or “Regional Coordinator” of EYNCRIN


- Associate Member: “Associate Center”

Download the Application Form for  “Associate Center” of EYNCRIN

- Individual Member: “Expert”

Download the Application Form for  “Individual Member” of EYNCRIN

 - Subscriber

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