EYNCRIN Responses & Resources to COVID-19



"From the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the defining messages has been that older persons are more affected. Yet health and nonhealth impacts on young people are proving to be significant. A common understanding of these impacts and the role young people are playing in driving solutions is essential to the pandemic response. The repercussions of COVID-19 will extend beyond health and well beyond the pandemic time frame. This global crisis is exacerbating existing vulnerabilities and inequalities among young people. Adolescents and youth should be
treated as partners in all phases of the COVID-19 response. They should be systematically included through consultations and knowledge-sharing, involved in decision-making at all levels, including budget allocations, and engaged in the implementation of response measures."

​--Compact for young people in humanitarian action

Covid19 - EYNCRIN`s Guidance for Member Organizations on Youth Service Provision

EYNCRIN has developed a guidance document which will assist EYNCRIN Member Youth Organizations to plan and provide services according to each member organization`s country`s National Framework for Living with Covid 19. 

This document will also be of use to stakeholders and partners in understanding what has informed the service plans and service provision available locally on how to best provide support and services for young people and communities in the context of Covid 19. The document is a "live" document and will evolve with the learning within the EYNCRIN Network and guidance and policy as provided by relevant agencies.

Importantly, this document is only guidance, compiled from the best sources available.

  • The guidance does not supersede the right and responsibility that EYNCRIN Member Organizations hold to determine how to best exercise their duty of care while meeting their commitment to supporting young people and communities.
  • EYNCRIN Member Organizations, therefore, have discretion and are ultimately responsible for ensuring the safety of the young people, volunteers, staff, and the communities they serve; and will implement guidance

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, EYNCRIN  has developed responses and resources to support organizations, professionals, families, and young people - locally, nationally and European-wide.

COVID-19 Resources

We are curating in real-time a COVID-19 resource list for youth-service organizations and professionals, families, and young people. If you have resources you’d like to add to the list, please email it to info@eyncrin.net


In addition, we developed a COVID-19 implications, strategies, and resources tip sheet for youth serving providers working with youth at risk of experiencing sexual exploitation and/or trafficking.

European and National  Advocacy

EYNCRIN, in partnership with member organizations and with other European youth organizations and coalitions, have been advocating tirelessly for youth and young people as well as youth organizations in this COVID-19 relief and economic stimulus package. 

Safety measures

Program staff will be screened daily and provided with required information and training on work specific procedures and processes related to COVID-19  national public health directives are being followed to minimize risk:

  • number of participants and staff in a room
  • acceptable program activities
  • increased frequency and supervision of hand hygiene
  • enhanced cleaning protocols and frequency
  • physical distancing expectations
  • participant screening to take place every day before attending program
  • To minimize the risk to program participants and staff, non-program participants should not be allowed 
  • No offsite field trips, or onsite special guests

An update to Transport Guidance (May 2021)

One change of note which will support your planning are guidelines around transport, which now fall in line with public transport guidance:

This means transport at 50% capacity with all public health guidance observed (regarding mask wearing, social distancing etc).
However, transport can only be used to bring young people to either outdoor activities or young people in crisis to youth centre based work.

We will continue to update you on our ongoing engagement with EYNCRIN regarding the Covid-19 Guidance for EYNCRIN member Youth Organisations on behalf of the youth sector.