‚ÄčThe initiatives of the Human Rights Education LAB at the EYNCRIN are using creative arts to deepen learning about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR); they have also given participating youth the voice to teach their peers and adults about the importance of the UDHR concepts.

While raising awareness about the UDHR the HRE LAB seeks to provide multiple levels of benefits:

  • Promoting human rights and democratic citizenship via creative arts;
  • Providing creative human rights education with and for young people;
  • Showcasing the importance and value of creative arts in non-formal human rights education;
  • Engaging youth to inspire learning, critical thinking and positive social interaction via creative human rights education;
  • Empowering youth with fewer opportunities to learn about their rights and act towards active participation and democratic citizenship;
  • Engaging the broader community to support the youth inclusion, paying special attention to the marginalized young people;
  • Providing collaborative opportunities for human rights education among civil society organizations, schools and universities aiming to bridge formal and non-formal human rights education for and with young people.

Additional initiatives of the HRE LAB:

  • Distribution and continuing development of a project-based non-formal training curriculum in educational centers, schools and congruent teacher training institutes. The curriculum, which meets the UN requirements for teaching the UDHR, integrates the creative arts and a culminating presentation to inspire the young people toward deep learning, personal growth and civic engagement.
  • Bridging formal and non-formal human rights education. Built on our successful pilot work across European schools since 2011, our unique curriculum integrates the creative arts and a culminating presentation to excite students about learning, being engaged in actions and behaviors that further positive interactions with their peers, teachers and extended communities, and taking action to promote equity, justice and human dignity for all people.  
  • We invite teachers, leaders of non-profit organizations and community leaders to utilize the curriculum. 

European Memberships

  • The Human Rights Education LAB is represented at the  Fundamental Rights Forum of the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights.

  • Since October 2016, EYNCRIN became a full member of the Democracy and Human Rights Education in Europe Network, DARE (www.dare-network.eu).