According to the decision of the EYNCRIN Board Meeting, held on 20th of May 2012,  EYNCRIN doesn`t require any membership fees ONLY for the year 2012.

The decision on rates of the membership fees for the year 2021 were taken in October 2020, following the recommendations of the EYNCRIN International Steering Committee.

Since January 2021, EYNCRIN Fees and Payment should be administered according to Article 4 of Chapter 3 of EYNCRIN Articles of Association:

  • Joining fees and membership fees shall be reviewed annually by the International Steering Committee and the International Steering Committee’s recommendations subjected to approval by the Council before implementation.

  • The International Steering Committee may make recommendations for fee structures and rates up to three years ahead. Fee structures may include incentives or penalties to encourage prompt payment.

  • On acceptance of an application for membership the fees due shall be invoiced. If not paid within 60 days the application shall lapse and the applicant shall be so advised. The annual fee payable on joining for a part year shall be adjusted pro-rata to the nearest full month with a minimum payment of 3 months.

  •  Annual fees shall be invoiced and paid promptly. If not paid within the due time a penalty fee may be imposed automatically.

  • If fees remain unpaid the Membership Committee may suggest other sanctions at its discretion including withdrawal of services.