EYNCRIN is a flat European youth-lead non-profit

non-governmental organization that is administered by the

EYNCRIN Secretariat, based in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

The formal governing bodies of EYNCRIN are:

  •   The Council of all EYNCRIN members.
  •   The EYNCRIN Executive Board (3 persons with mandate of 5 years).

The non-formal advisory body of EYNCRIN is:

  • The International Steering Committee, composed of 12 persons, aged 18-30 and representing the EYNCRIN member organizations. Geographic and gender balance is considered.

The International Steering Committee is the non-formal advisory body of EYNCRIN.

  •     The International Steering Committee shall be composed of a maximum of twelve (12) members.
  •    In the election of International Steering Committee members, EYNCRIN members will be encouraged to take into consideration the goal of achieving balanced regional representation.
  •     The newly elected International Steering Committee shall begin its term of duty at the conclusion of the Council meeting at which its election has been announced.
  •    The International Steering Committee shall meet at least once a year. The Executive Board shall notify members of the International Steering Committee about the date and location of International Steering Committee Meetings by postage mail or fax; notification must be mailed or faxed at least six (6) weeks in advance of meetings.
  •   In addition, the International Steering Committee’s major functions shall be to: appoint Membership Committee, review memberships and recommend members and membership cancellations, review membership fees, issue recommendations and directives to the Executive Board, review the annual report of the Executive Director, supervise and give guidance to the Executive Board, review the annual financial statement, review and adopt budgets, be responsible for independent audits.
  •  All Full Members have the right to nominate candidates for election to the EYNCRIN International Steering Committee.



Formal Procedures