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The "Social Entrepreneurship for Arts" Project

The SE4Arts project is a European Cooperation Partnership in Vocational Education and Training, co-financed by KA2 Action of Erasmus + Program of European Commission. Project consortium partners come from Germany, Italy, Greece, Ireland, Bulgaria and Cyprus.

The overarching aim of the SE4A (Social Entrepreneurship for Arts) project is to strengthen the capacity of young professional artists and graduates in arts and humanities to develop and sustain social enterprises, mobilizing arts to create social change for a better Europe for all.

The core project activities are focused on the development and implementation of an innovative digital training and mentorship program that will:

⮚               Provide an enabling educational environment to cultivate and enhance young artists and creatives` entrepreneurship skills without deviating from their creativity skills and innovative problem solving approaches.

⮚               Develop and implement a well-mentored digital training model that fills the entrepreneurial skills gaps of the young artists and creative industry professionals, so they could acquire sufficient marketing, management and networking skills, necessary to plan, establish, run and sustain a social enterprise.

⮚               Develop and implement innovative pilot training tools and creative practical models to foster networking and collaboration between the world of arts and the world of social enterprise. across Europe.

The project webpage is: https://www.se4a-erasmus.eu