A member may resign from EYNCRIN upon giving 90 days written notice to the administrative address of EYNCRIN.

EYNCRIN may terminate any member by following the due processes set down in the Articles or these Rules.
The International Steering Committee can suggest to the Executive Board to expel any member whose activities it considers incompatible with the aims of EYNCRIN. This expulsion will be officially proposed by the Director, after having heard the arguments of the member concerned (orally or in writing). The vote on the expulsion of a member will be secret.
A member wishing to leave EYNCRIN should give notice to both the Membership Committee and the EYNCRIN Director of its intention to do so. Resignation will take effect immediately.


Code of Conduct of EYNCRIN Members

 EYNCRIN Code of Conduct has been adopted by the EYNCRIN Council and members shall abide by the code.


Misconduct is defined as any of: Breach of the Articles of Association, Rules of Membership or Code of Conduct or similar or conduct likely to bring EYNCRIN into disrepute.
On noting or being advised of a cause for inquiry into alleged misconduct the Membership Committee shall place the matter on the agenda for its next meeting. The member shall be notified of the agenda item and allowed 14 days to make a written response before the matter is considered.

The Membership Committee shall consider all the facts and make a recommendation to the Executive Board as to action if any. The member shall be notified of the recommendation and given 14 days notice of the International Steering Committee meeting at which the matter will be considered.

The member shall be allowed to make a further written response, to appear in person or be represented at the meeting.
The decision and any sanction shall be subsequently notified to the membership and to other persons with an interest in the matter.

The International Steering Committee may decide to make public the circumstances of the matter preserving privacy for other parties where appropriate.

The sanctions available to be imposed on the member by the International Steering Committee include:

  • Termination of membership with immediate effect or suspension for not more than 12 months;
  • Withdrawal of selected benefits of membership, e.g. use of the EYNCRIN logo and authorized texts;
  • Requirement for an apology, public or private, to an aggrieved party;
  • Other action commensurate with the nature and seriousness of the matter and gauged to best restore the reputation of the membership.