The classes of EYNCRIN membership are as follows:

Full Member: “National and Regional Coordinator”

  • Full membership is available to all major national and multinational originations and institutes; state agencies, national ministries and departments of education in Europe and Mediterranean.
  • Full members shall have an operational base in the country where they will function as National Coordinators.
  • The class of Full Member may be sub-divided according to size and location (high-, medium- or low-income country) in order to levy fees at an appropriate level but the voting capacity shall be the same for all Full Members.

Associate Member: “Associate Center”

  • Associate Members shall be organizations with active interest in the promotion and application of programs in youth CRIN but not eligible as Full Members such as local non-profit organizations, academic or research centers, local authority consortia and supporting organizations and regional organizations or others with community development objectives.​
  • Associate Members and National Coordinators obey the Charter of EYNCRIN Organizational Members

Individual Member: “Expert”

  • Individual Members shall be individuals invited by the International Steering Committee to the class of membership in recognition of their expertise and personal contribution to youth CRIN work.

International Partners

  • Organizations and networks based outside the European region that are interested in developing and implementing joint action with EYNCRIN at regional inter-regional and international level.


  • Receive EYNCRIN’s news and publications.


​​European Youth Network for Creativity and Innovation


Types of

EYNCRIN Membership