Types of

EYNCRIN Membership

The types of EYNCRIN membership are as follows:

Full Member: “National or Regional Coordinator”

  • Full membership is available to all major national and regional youth organizations; academic institutions; youth research institutes; non-formal education centers, working with young people and any training providers, empowering young people and youth workers; local non-profit organizations, academic or research centers, local authority consortia and regional organizations, based in Europe.
  • Full members shall have an operational base in the country where they will function as EYNCRIN National Coordinators.
  • The class of Full Member may be sub-divided according to size and location (high-, medium- or low-income country) in order to levy fees at an appropriate level but the voting capacity shall be the same for all Full Members.

Associate Member: “Associate Center”

  • Associate Members shall be organizations with active interest in the promotion and application of programs in youth creativity and innovation but not eligible as Full Members such as non-formal groups of young people; community centers not exclusively focusing on young people; smaller scale local non-profit organizations or others with community development and youth empowerment objectives.​


  • Both Associate Members and National Coordinators obey the Charter of EYNCRIN Organizational Members.

Individual Members: “Experts”

  • Individual Members shall be individuals of ages and nationalities, residing in Europe and holding specific expertise on youth work and young people`s empowerment and inclusion. Individual members are usually invited by the International Steering Committee to this type of EYNCRIN of membership in recognition of their expertise and personal contribution to the youth work in Europe.

International Partners

  • International EYNCRIN Partners are organizations and networks based outside the European region that are interested in developing and implementing joint actions with the EYNCRIN at regional, inter-regional and international level.


  • Those are organizations and individuals, interested in the work of the EYNCRIN, but not committed to active membership. They receive updates on the work of the EYNCRIN via the Networks` monthly newsletters and publications.